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Last day of dove season.

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We went out the last day of dove season here in Texas (Oct 30th). We really didn't expect to see much, as the weather was overcast and cold. Much to our surprise the dove were steady and we went through two boxes of shells between us. I remember last year turned out to be pretty good, too.I was wondering if anyone else had gone out during the last week and how you might have done. Also, Texas has a split season and I was hoping to hear from other hunters that have gone out during the second season (december).thanks,Jay
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Our second season just began this past weekend. I'm not on a flyway but there are a few doves around none the less. I got a H.I.P. # when I got my hunting license so I could bag a few if the mood struck me, we'll see what happens.
New Grouse season starting next sunday.I have some new shells which I am eager to try, Rio Royal 34, Excopesa 34, B&P Mythos 40, Victory 40.They are too expensive to be wasted on targets.Now that I have a heavier gun I will be able to shoot them.Good luck to all. Its not how well you shoot , its how much noise your gun makes
Ours ended about two weeks ago, went to a shoot and afternoon hunt....pesky things stayed in the trees, but I managed 5.....ok, 2 were sitting still, but I was showing a young lady proper sight alignment technique....yeah, that's it. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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