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The LC Smith I got from my Dad alway had a cracked stock.
Now it is not safe with several cracks and loose enough to
move the stock when holding the barrel. My question: repair
the old stock or get another? If repair....where/who and same
question for getting another.....thanks...p.s. its a field grade,
armour steel with a serial #28283......jr

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I've agonized over several potential restocking projects on L.C. Smiths and other old doubles. Depending on how advanced the cracks are, they can be repaired very well with epoxy. Epoxy can be injected into the crack with a syringe, sometimes without doing any more than removing the sidelocks. LC Smiths stocks usually crack at the rear of the sidelock from infilatration of solvents and oils running down when the gun is stored in an upright position (as most guns are). It is very expensive to get even an adequate restocking job performed on these guns and to get an LC Smith properly restocked you'll spend at least $500.00. West Systems has the very best epoxy product and makes repair kits for small epoxy jobs. They also have the syringes available. You can find West System products at a local boat store or on the internet and you can order direct. You can also make very strong repairs on larger cracks but they will probably require removing the action altogether, which will require a gunsmith. I've repaired stocks with chips missing and some cracked completely apart using West Systems epoxy and the repair is usually stronger than the original wood.

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I agree with a stock repair, I do not however think that if this is your first attempt, you tackle this project.

There is stock removal(no biggie), crack prep,cleaning, cementing,
and possibbly minor refitting, depending on repair.
Leave it to your local gunsmith and pay the $100.00 (give or take) to have it done right.


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