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Lee load all......good for light realoading?

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I would like to reload my pheasant and duck (bismuth) rounds and I was wondering if the "load all" woud be fine to load less than 20 rounds a week. And I may reload some target rounds for gun.
Any input would be great.
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If you're not going to load much, you might as well buy factory ammo unless you're looking as much for a passtime as a benefit to your pocketbook.

As a passtime loader, if you maintain it... yes it'll work (check with Lee for what you need for Bismuth loading).

Otherwise I recommend a 600jr.
Thanks,javven! :D
My advice is that if you are going to load your own shells, forget about the Lee and buy the MEC 600. It may take a couple of more weeks to save up the extra cash, but it will be worth it. Don't skimp on a loader. You will be very happy with the MEC whether you load twenty rounds a week or 200. Having owned and used both, I will never recommend the Lee...I will always recommend the MEC
I've used both, get a mec, you'll be happier in the long run.
you can even find used mecs on ebay, for probably not a whole lot more than a new lee, that's how i got mine, and it's still going strong after years of use.
The Lee will work fine if the shells will be used in a break open
shotgun, single or double barrel, but if your using a pump or auto,
i don't think the Lee does a very good job of taper crimping,
the mec will taper crimp as good as a factory shell, and will feed
much better through a pump or auto.
I had a Lee loader. Truth is it worked, and it came with a lot of capability in terms of shot and powder bushings. I loaded a lot of shells for hunting and target shooting with it. It will load. I do not think it crimped very well and did not have as much adjustability as I like on the crimper. I do not think you are likely to break it or wear it out. I sold it to a guy who bought it cheap and then never used it. I guess we were both happy with the deal. Post that you want to buy one used and see what happens. You might get a real deal. But be sure all the bushings are there.

Better to save up and get a Mec if that is an option. The Bismuth is going to cost a fortune. You might as well put it into properly sized and crimped loads if you are going to hunt with it. In particular, try to raise the cash to get a Sizemaster. But the 600 do work well. You also need a balance with the MEC and you might be able to get buy without it with the powder measuring capability that Lee provides. But you oughta have one anyway.
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Right now I'm looking at some used 600 jrs on ebay.
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