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browning... ya gotta keep in mind that this forum has a large population of Mec snobs who feel that if it isn't covered in red powder coat it isn't worth owning. With a Lee you can learn to load shells instead of learn to jerk around with machinery

I started with a Lee Load-All while I was in the service because it was light and flat and easy to pack when I was reassigned. I still own it (and a couple others) and they all work fine.

They are slow and you can't adjust them to change the characteristics of the shells they produce. The fact that you can't fiddle with them means you're not likely to screw them up experimenting like quite a few posters here seem to do with their Mecs. They're built to produce good shells without the need to tinker.

They like Remington hulls better than AA hulls but then so do I.

They produce a consistently good shell and some of the best crimps you will find anywhere if you are consistent in the way you operate them (same as other presses). But they are not for people who want to drift into never-never land while they load. If you keep your mind on what you're doing and pay attention to the process like you should anyway, you get great results.

If the Lee is what you can afford and like there's no reason you can produce good loads with one. Later you can go any other direction you want to try!

Mike Gêst
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