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Left Handed Bonanza!

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After hearing all the buzz about how hard it is to find left handed autoloaders i was pretty discouraged about finding one, and i was ready to settle for a righty beretta.

this morning i called this store i heard about in a small town near here and i hit the jackpot!!! 8)

they've got the following:
m1 super90 camo
26" super black camo
24" super black in black

and a remington 11-87

i'm leaning toward the 26" super black or m1, i can't get below 26" because 99% of the shots i get on waterfowl are passing shots.

if any lefties are wondering, take a trip brookings, SD, where the pheasants are plentiful and lefty autoloader are easy to find!!!
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I was one of the people in search for a new southpaw 12 gauge. Locally, I was able to find a used 11-87 in great condition (matte finish, non-glossy stock), a few new 11-87 premier (blue/glossy) and 1 or 2 new SBE. Couldn't find the M1.

My primary use is for deer hunting (slug). The one thing that led me to upgrade my Ithaca 37 instead of buying one of these (besides the sentimental factor)... was due to my other requirements for a fully-rifled cantilever barrel. To the best of my knowlege and research... there is no such barrel for the LH 11-87, SBE, or M1 (they do make them for right handed). I also didn't want to have to use a B-sqaure because I particularly like the looks of them and I like the idea of the scope being attached to the barrel rather than the receiver. I have also read that they can mar the finish of the receiver.

In addition, even if Benelli made the barrels, I would have had to purchase them on top of the standard bird barrel. The LH models aren't offered with a different barrel (from what I could find).. so to get the barrel I wanted (even if it was made) would bring the total almost 2K. I little on the expensive side.

As for pumps, I was able to find a few 870 Express, one BPS, a few Deerslayer II (Storm finish only). Only problem is... I wouldn't have considered them an upgrade over my existing pump (especially the Express version of the 870). As for the Browning BPS, I liked the gun.. but the only one I found around here was matte black. Not that I don't like that finish.. but I would have had to also purchase the barrel separately... which only came in blue finish. Black receiver/blue barrel/b-square/extra $$ for the barrel.. not worth it when I already have a nice pump.

In the end, I ended up buying the barrel I wanted for my 37 (from Hastings). I pick it up on Sun and will be having some fun sighting it in!

fyi (for anybody else who may be searching)- I checked 5 local places and called about 15. It is much easier to call first and ask what LH they have in stock. I would have wasted a lot of time and effort going to all the 15 just to find out they did not have any...

Also- I still want a benelli.. but not ready shell out the $$$ yet. Maybe they will make the barrel I need someday.. and I will take the plunge.
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