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Left Handed Bonanza!

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After hearing all the buzz about how hard it is to find left handed autoloaders i was pretty discouraged about finding one, and i was ready to settle for a righty beretta.

this morning i called this store i heard about in a small town near here and i hit the jackpot!!! 8)

they've got the following:
m1 super90 camo
26" super black camo
24" super black in black

and a remington 11-87

i'm leaning toward the 26" super black or m1, i can't get below 26" because 99% of the shots i get on waterfowl are passing shots.

if any lefties are wondering, take a trip brookings, SD, where the pheasants are plentiful and lefty autoloader are easy to find!!!
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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