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Let the dog hunt the bird, You hunt the dog! ???

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What does the quote below mean?

"Let the dog hunt the bird, You hunt the dog! "
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This guy I birded with in Kansas (Fort Riley) would not watch his dog very close and he always had to hunt like crazy to find her. I watched the direction she went and then went to her. She would be stuck on a point like a good liver spotted pointer. We would argue sometimes and I would tell him to go whatever direction blew his skirt up. I was going in the direction of the dog. I don't miss him but I think of Suzie a lot. She was one fine bird dog. If you have never hunted Kansas, you ought to try it sometimes. That state is filled with Pheasant and Quail from stem to stern. A few dove here and there. There are some big deer there too. And Catfish. Why did I ever leave? (Military orders thats why)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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