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Let the dog hunt the bird, You hunt the dog! ???

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What does the quote below mean?

"Let the dog hunt the bird, You hunt the dog! "
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Yet another aspect of this statement, from the Field & Stream tip of the day:

"When you knock a bird down, do not rush in with the dog to help find it. Instead, stay back a bit and let the dog do its job alone. Dogs often seem to shut off their noses when the area is all tracked up with human scent."

In fact, however, we should ask Gordon Setter what it means--he does have it in his signature after all.

Many's the time I've had a dog look at me reproachfully when I miss the bird. A really good bird dog is in charge of the hunt :)
Well, I'd say it's not only a great signature line, but a not-so-bad piece of advice on how to approach life in general. The fact that BB and Gordon both like the idea just proves the point :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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