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Hey guys I just recently bought a LH Montefeltro. It was a bit of an impulse buy and I really was looking for a dedicated synthetic waterfowl autoloader when I bought it. Well when I found the gently used Monte it hadled soooooo nice I just could NOT resist. I'm a sucker for anything I find used in LH anyway.

Long story short I just can't bring myself to subject this gun to the harsh type of duck hunting I do. I had it out once....It was flawless, but I've taken my old beat up Mossy 835 pump the last 3 times I've gone out.

I'd like to trade the Monte for a more suitable waterfowl shotgun or sell it outright for $725 shipped. I paid $699+tax so I'm gonna lose a few bucks but thats the nature of the game.
It has a 28" barrel and comes with the Benelli plastic hard case, 4 internal chokes, choke wrench and manual. I am the second owner. I purchased the gun from an estate and it's been a safe queen.

If anyone is interested or knows anyone who may be interested please contact me at [email protected]

I realize there is a classified section but seeing how this is a "I love my Benelli" group I figured I'd spread the word here.

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