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Life Lessons………

A distinguished looking gentleman walks into a seedy neighborhood bar and bellies up to the rail.
"Give me three whiskeys straight up, no ice" he says to the bartender.
" Man you look like you just got some real bad news there son" says the old man behind the bar.
"Yeah, My oldest son just told me that he was getting divorced because he is gay and doesn't want to hide it anymore"
"**** man, that really sucks. Here have another on the house and sorry for you, Bud"

Three days later the same man walks into the same bar looking even more dejected that the time before.

"Set me up with five whiskeys, no ice"
"What's wrong now, did someone shoot your dog?"
"No, I just found out my youngest son is also gay!"
"Damn, That's too bad. Here is another one on the house."

About a month later the guy walks back into the bar with tears running out of his eyes.

"Just give me the damn bottle and a glass." He sobs.
"Man, Isn't there one person in your family that likes women?" asks the bartender disgustedly.

"Yea, I just found out my wife does!!!" the man says.
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