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I used to load some very light 12 gauge loads using Hodgdon Clays with 7/8 ounce of shot. But I was two or three Mec Bushings under any published data I could find. So I called Hodgdon and it was recommended as I was in northern Ohio that I not use these loads in winter.

So I was looking for a new 7/8 ounce load, when I read in the NSSA monthly magazine an article on light loads. This article highly recommended a recipe using Solo 1000 powder. I found the same recipe in the Accurate data book under the cowboy action data for shotguns. These loads are absolute cream puff loads, and do a wonderful job breaking birds.

Another nice feature of these cowboy action loads in Accurate's manual is that you may increase your shot load from 3/4, to 7/8, to 1 ounce shot charges without any change in powder drop. Also the pressures are nice and low, which has got to be easy on the gun. And with the price of shot having increased I am saving a few pennies as well !!
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