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In lightly loaded pistol and rifle casrtridges this light load problem is called DETINATON and is a result of too much air space in the cartridge allowing all of the powder to get burning before the bullet has a chance to start moving down the barrel and when it does the pressure is already well beyond max and there fore the big BANG. The Bull'seye load that mebustemclays is refering to was known as the 2.5 Bull'seye suprise and refered to a published target load of 2.5gr of bull'seye which barly covered the bottom of the case when in a bullet seater. I don't think this is a problem with shotgun shells because the powder is packed down by the wad. Resulting in as mentioned earlier very weak loads and possiably hang or mis fires, both of which I have expierenced in my 16ga reloads.

Sticking to published and established loads is the safest way to go. Some testing that I have been involved with also shows dramatic pressure increases just by changing wad types or primer brands. BE CAREFUL ! ! !
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