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If you use Hodgdon Lil Gun you need to visit the Hodgdon web site for the recall notice.....

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(4/15/03 7:40:36 am)
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PRODUCT RECALL - Lot #103080221 of Hodgdon's LIL' GUN -

WARNING: Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc. has determined that a small number of one pound (1 lb.) containers of Hodgdon's LIL' GUN smokeless powder may create excessive pressures in firearms when loaded in cartridges and/or shotshells using standard loading data. Such a condition, if present, may cause personal injury to the user and/or bystander and damage to the firearm. Users should immediately cease using this product and return it to Hodgdon Powder Co. as instructed below:

All persons in possession of Lot #103080221 of Hodgdon's LIL' GUN - 1 lb. containers of smokeless powder should immediately call 1-800-622-4366 (toll free) for instructions from Hodgdon's Customer Service Dept. as to the return of this product.

Hodgdon will send you a D.O.T. approved return shipping carton at no cost to you for use in returning the product. We will also send you a replacement product at no charge.

You may find the lot number on the sticker on the bottom of the powder bottle.
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