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As much as folks hate to admit it, the old standby WW wad is the benchmark for almost all wannabe wads on earth. If you treat them all like you would with a similar load using the appropriate AA wad, you will be fine. Everybody in the business compares their wad to the AA wad. About the only exceptions are with the Federal and clones. They are a little bigger arround than most AAs, a little longer too and most times with heavy or hot loads ought to be cut back a grain or two on powder when used in a Remington STS/Nitro/Gun Club hull or any of the AAs both old or new. Interestingly enough, Windjammers, regardless of who made them, usually have a bigger over powder wad than AA wads but still give similar performance and pressures in AA and Remington hulls. Claybuster makes a special WJ design that is a small base wad especially for AA hulls. I've never needed any of them myself, but they have them just the same. I'd bet if you load them just like you would an AA wad it will be wonderfull too!

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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