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For the past two years I have been involved in developing long range-dense center cone patterns for 3" 12 ga. mag. shotshells. I would like to hear your recipes and results.

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(3/13/03 8:46:41 am)
Re: Long Range Specialized Turkey Loads
I haven't worked on any turkey loads as of yet, however I'm always interested in new recipes.

The duplex 4x6 factory loads that I use have patterned well and more importantly the turkeys show they work fine. I'm not a distance shooter with turkeys, but in some of the public areas or with limited time to hunt a peice of property it is always good to be able to take what's presented.

I use 2.75 gold medal hulls for waterfowl and would look at the 3" cheddite hulls to start as I have them on hand.
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(3/13/03 12:14:49 pm)
Reply Re: Long Range Specialized Turkey Loads
Excellent.....I prefer the Fiocchi 12 ga. 3" "Brown"...They are unskived for roll crimps...16mm brass and 7mm base wad. I have also developed Styro filler wads. I have also found that the shotcups sprayed with Ms.Moly or dusted with Motor Mica helps on tight uniform patterns. I will be happy to discuss methods and loads with any one interested. Best Regards, James
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