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CENTERVILLE - An Oregon fugitive who had been wanted by federal authorities for nearly seven years was captured Saturday by DNR officers while hunting in Appanoose County.

Gary Lynn Maytum, 45, was arrested by DNR conservation officers and Appanoose County Sheriff's deputies Sunday evening when DNR Officer Randy McPherren was able to locate him after receiving a tip from the FBI that Maytum could be in the area.

Maytum is wanted in Oregon for nine counts of sexual abuse for his alleged participation in the sexual abuse of two young girls under the age of 14 from 1995 to 1998 in Washington County, Ore. When Maytum learned of his impending arrest, he allegedly withdrew all of his family's money from the bank and fled the state of Oregon. A federal arrest warrant charging Maytum with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued in the United States District Court of Oregon on April 19, 1999.

Maytum is being held without bond in the Appanoose County jail in Centerville. He was on the Most Wanted List for the Portland, Ore. FBI office and was considered to be armed and dangerous at the time of his arrest.

An avid hunter, Maytum has also used the alias Jerry Bowman. His presence in Iowa was suspected because of his interest in trophy deer hunting and the fact that he had contact with a hunting acquaintance in Iowa.

Once the tip had been received about the possibility Maytum might be hunting in the Appanoose County area, McPherren was able to locate the area where he was hunting and begin a surveillance operation with fellow DNR officers Dallas Davis and Kyle Jensen. Maytum was arrested at gunpoint, but without incident at approximately 8 p.m. Sunday by the three DNR conservation officers and the Appanoose County sheiff and four deputies.

In addition to the Oregon charges, Maytum was charged with making false claims in Iowa to obtain a hunting license and deer tags because he had done so using his alias of Jerry Bowman. All of his hunting equipment as well as cameras and other video equipment, were seized by the DNR at the time of the arrest.

For more information, contact Kevin Baskins at 515-249-2814.
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