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I have been trying to talk my wife into getting a gun dog, and she has agreed on a couple of conditions:

- Has to be female
- She gets to name it (she is currently thinking Maddy or Abby)

Those are conditions I can live with. :lol:

So after doing a lot of reading here and on other websites, we have settled on a black lab, after considering GSP's, Brittany's, and Vizla's.

I currently do not hunt waterfowl, but don't want to rule out the possibility in the future. The dog must be from hard-working hunting lines, intelligent, and easy to train (that may be too much to ask). Must be a good family dog, able to get along with our two German Shepherds and one cat.

I am not looking for a dog immediately, and we will not fall into the 'fall in love and buy the first dog we see' trap.

If anyone has any breeder recommendations in New England that seem to be good matches, please let me know.



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Try Niad Labradors

Doris & Carl Aylward in Raymond, NH. (603) 895-1554

Hunter, my companion in my avatar is one of their dogs. He is nine now and still hunting like a puppy. He's all I could have asked for in a dog, smart, wants to please you, and great with the kids, and great personality.


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Since it's always good business to have options... you should also contact Frances at Puddleduck Retrievers up in Morrill, Maine (just west of Belfast).

website =

She and her husband Stefan do a great job with their pups and dogs, as you can see on their awesome website.

And YES, I will admit I am a recent -- and very satisfied -- customer of theirs! We just got our little girl from there a few weeks back, and she is a joy to have around. And very smart too! Plus, we also got to observe Frances working some of her labs at a field trial once, and they performed GREAT.

Here' my l'il girl... with her first duck!!!

Good luck!

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