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Looking for feedback on Side-By-Sides under $1000

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I'm looking for some feedback on side-by-side 12ga. shotguns that are under $1000. The ones that I've come across are the Baikal Model 43, Charles Daly Field II, Superior & Empire, and the Traditions Elite. The Baikal is already in stock, so I'm mainly focusing on the Charles Daly and the Traditions. Based on the little bit of information I currently have, I would choose the Traditions Elite. The Elite is new this year and it's a step above the Elite Field. Any feedback, advice, or other options you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Doug @ ETS
[email protected]
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Stevens Model 311
Winchester Model 24
Browning BSS (sometimes you can find or around $1K)
:D I would second the recommendation of the Browning SxS, I have seen two available, they both where priced about $850. Seems a to be a well made piece. :shock:
You can also look for an SKB/Ithaca model 100 or 200 used .. great shotguns, good price, and they are fairly common in the $500- $700 range.
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