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I had a positive experience with the folks at Austin ENT Associates. I think they have several locales, and I used the one in East Round Rock. Specifically, I had Dr. Ratcliff check me over, and they have an audiologist in the office that will check your hearing and do other things for you. Many years back, I had a set of musician earplugs made for me when I lived in Dallas. They are nice because they have variable attenuators, which allow me to control the level of sound dampening I want. They work great for shooting.

With that said, I was at the Best of the West in Liberty Hill one day, and they have a person who comes in at least one time a month and does molded ear plugs for folks. I'm not sure which day of the month they are there, but it might be worth the consideration. As licensed audiologist will charge much more that they guy at Liberty Hill. It just depends on how high of a quality you are looking for in a set of ear plugs.

Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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