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I cannot locate a thread that addressed this topic. The person stated that this manufacturer made great looking cases and surmised that Beretta leather cases might be made by this company. I believe they are Italian. Any info?

I have seen ads in Double Gun for cases that are about 2K. That is MUCH more than I want to spend. Looking to get a canvas / leather trimmed case that is nicely outfitted. Probably needs room for an extra O/U barrel and also a single barrel. This most defiantely puts me in the custom price bracket. I have seen great looking cases in the Merkel catalog also. Just no way to find out who really makes these and then puts the Merkel name on it. Or maybe Merkel actually does amke these.
Would appreciate ANY help that anyone can provide. If you have the website, that would also be handy.

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Have you tried Cabelas yet?

They have quite the selection of shotgun cases.

All I shoot is Citori, so I own a few Browning leather shotgun cases. They're very affordable at under $200, even ones that carry extra barrels are less than $500.

Give 'em a try.

As for Merkel and Emmebi, are you sure you want to spend THAT much for a gun case? Unless you do ALOT of travelling, I don't think someone needs that expensive of a case.

I admit if I were travelling alot, I would go for the Americase myself.

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