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I inherited a 12 gauge, side by side, exposed hammer shotgun with belgiun barrels. It's marked M J Greener not W W Greener. Has anyone heard of the make and what is it worth?

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Hello Kpetr,
Welcome to!
Seems like we've run across these before. As best I can recall we figured out that there were other manufacturers in Birmingham England that used "Greener". These others were more utility guns and not collectible like the WW Greeners.
Wish I could give you more.
Jay Gentry

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It was not uncommon for lesser or unknown Belgian manufacturers to make guns marked in such a fashion. The intent was to deceive, plain and simple. I've heard of examples such as yours, with the first initials changed. Others with the last name mispelled. Still others with no attempt to differ from the, more well known, name or trademark whatsoever. Check out the Sept.20th post on the Winchester .410 SxS. Apparently your gun has Belgian proof marks on its barrels,or something to lead you to believe they were Belgian made. What types of marks are on the action? Right now I'm guessing Begian. If you're not certain, describe a few here. Keep in mind that if the gun is Belgian made, that doesn't mean it was poorly made. It's just not a Greener. A lot of these Knock-offs are sound shooters. In the case of the .410 I mentioned above;IMO it has a little added value as a conversation piece.
Let us know on those marks.
Good Luck,
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