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A The Historical Arms Series No. 41 "The London Gun Trade 1850-1920" by Joyce E. Goodling & Peter A. Scott-Edeson indicates guns marked John Manton and Co. were produced from 1857 to 1858 at 4 South Street, Grosvenor Square and from 1870 to 1873 at 6 Dover Street in London. According to "Shotgun Markings: 1865 to 1940, A list" by Joseph T. Vorisek the guns were marked J. Manton & Co. from 1850 to 1877

Q My neighbor is planning to buy a 1928 over & under 16-gauge shotgun manufactured by Marlin (sold in the past by Sears & Roebuck). I would greatly appreciate if anyone can estimate a reasonable value for the shotgun. I don't know about its condition... so a range will be fine.
23Jan: My neighbor said that the model number of the gun is 103.360 -- I'll continue my search online but if anyone knows the value, I'll be keeping an eye on this board.
23Jan: The 103.360 is apparently the Sears & Roebuck model number corresponding to the "Marlin 90" part number
A Marlin Model 90
"12, 16, 20 ga., or .410 bore shotgun or combination gun configuration (12 ga. over .30/30 barrels), 26, 28, or 30 in. barrels, boxlock, extractors, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1937-1958. Guns made from 1937-1949 had vent. separated barrels, after 1949, solid barrels."
Estimated Value:
100% = $450
95% = $360
90% = $330
(add $100 to above for single trigger

Q I recently saw a bolt action shotgun at the local emporium. It was patterened after a Mauser 98 rifle with a "Geha" medallion in the stock. Does anyone know anything about such a find?
A I think they (Geha)were made from Mauser rifles after World War I prior to 1946
These sites had one for sale if you were interested in pricing <> <>
This site had a picture of one. <>
This was found on another forum site at <>
"I would STRONGLY advise against doing anything with that GEHA other than just hanging it on the wall. As I understand it, these were made in the years after WWI from surplus Mausers, in an attempt to "jump-start" the German firearms industry under the Versailles military arms restrictions. They hogged away the whole front locking lug system, riveted a (loose) new bolt face in place, and relied on the safety lug for locking. Even though "Nitro" marked, they probably have the older short chambers and are NOT for use with contemporary cases or loads. "GEHA" is an acronym for one of the German arms jobbers/distributors of the period; I don't recall just what it stood for. "

Q I have 12 ga. 147 EL, mod & improved barrels, single selective trigger, beautiful turkish walnut in mint condition. Wondering the value
A My book doesn't have the "EL" but it does have the "E" listed at $2350 . So that would be a slightly lowball price, wonder what the feature(s) for "L" would be?
Q I am looking at purchasing a used Mossberg New Haven 600 AT Premier Hunter 12 gauge with two barrels.
[/b] A [/b] i have seen them for around 275-350 depending on condition, they are very easy to find parts for as most parts and interchangable with the 500

Q I purchased a Miroku O/U shotgun several years ago in pawn shop because of the way is swung. I have no idea of the value, but would like to know if it's worth any thing. There's no model # only a serial # M543957It's also stamped NP 12 S.C 70m/m under the bottom chamber.
I have shot the hell out of this gun and I'm thinking that might have been a mistake
A "Shotguns marked Miroku only without another trademark listing represent that period of manufacture before Miroku began manufacturing shotguns for other companies (i.e. Charles Daly, SKB, Browning, and others). Most guns marked Miroku only were made on a limited basis and although somewhat rare, collector desirability to date has been minimal. Since model notations were not specified in most instances (many shotguns were made to test market demand), a model rundown is virtually impossible. Values can be approx. ascertained by comparing a Miroku shotgun of similar gauge, features, engraving/ wood, and condition to an equivalent Japanese Charles Daly model."

Mississippi Valley Arms

Q i could
tell it was a single shot iver johnson 12 gauge. after getting the gun i
found out that it wasn't. i can not tell what kind it is. the only thing
stamped on the gun is mississippi valley arms co. i need to get a exploded
view of the gun with a parts list so i can restore this oldy but goody back
to working order.

A MVA was a trade name used by the H.& D. Folsom Arms Co. on firarms made for the Shapleigh Hardware Co of St. Louis. Your gun is likely one of the thousands of single-barrel shotguns made for the hardware trade during the late 1890's and until sometime in the 1930's


Various Mortimers were gunmakers in London and the Scottish Mortimers are probably part of the same family. Your library may be able to find a copy of The Mortimer Gunmakers 1753-1923 by H. Lee Munson if you want to learn some of the history. I would expect to find a first name or initial on a product of any of the London Mortimers and would suspect something with only the last name might be a Belgian imitator

Moore, Wm and Co
Q Looking for a company named "Wm Moore & Co" which made a double barrel
10 ***** shotgun with double triggers and double hammers; barrel is 32
inches long. Need more information on the manufacturer.

A The original Wm. Moore and Company produced good grade English shotguns in side action. The name Wm. Moore and Company was later used on Belgium made bar-locks sold by the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company of NYC. Your shotgun, I suspect, is an early (late 19th century) model produced by the well known English Moore."

Q I am trying to find any information on a shotgun. It is a side by side 10 gauge dating back approx. 4 generations. The only printing on it is under the barrel guard and is as follows:
T C Montgomery
10 ga
Choker 44P
Hoke H
also has a stamp of an X with 3 maple leaves on the right side stamped in 4 locations in same area.
A According to Carder in Side by Sides of the World, " This name is found in the 1889 Powell & Clement catalog. They are advertised as English sidelock shotguns, available with either laminate or damascus barrels. It states these guns have rebounding firing pins, double under lumps, choke boring and circular hammers....."
One model mentioned is No. 2570 10/12 ga... top lever opening... 30 and 32" bbl. Original price $20.50
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