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Mag Extension for Spartan SPR453?

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I posted this on Biakal/Spartan but no responses yet so I thought I would try here.

Do you know if anyone makes a mag extension for Remington Spartan SPR453 or Baikal MP153?

Or if a mag extension for another shotgun would fit?

My last resort is to cut the exhisting cap and weld a tube on it and get a longer spring from Wolf Springs. Man it seems like alot of work to get a mag extension. However I wanted a gas operated autoloader and not a recoil operated autoloader.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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The first thing I would try. is calling the tech guys at Brownell's
they might know if an extention from another gun would work. If they don't know, I would mike the threads on the magazine and check the thread pitch. Atleast then you'd know what you have, then start checking other sources to find one to match. The avalibility of accessories is the reason I went with a Remington 11-87.
Gee did I goof, my tactical skeet gun has a Choate pistol grip stock, and I just ordered a 5 round mag extention. Am I going to have problems here in Michigan?
OOPs! Sorry, I forgot to say my tactical skeet gun is a Remington 11-87. What I wondering about, was the the Sec of State thing. Where a Mossy or Rem could be illegal.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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