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Mag Extension for Spartan SPR453?

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I posted this on Biakal/Spartan but no responses yet so I thought I would try here.

Do you know if anyone makes a mag extension for Remington Spartan SPR453 or Baikal MP153?

Or if a mag extension for another shotgun would fit?

My last resort is to cut the exhisting cap and weld a tube on it and get a longer spring from Wolf Springs. Man it seems like alot of work to get a mag extension. However I wanted a gas operated autoloader and not a recoil operated autoloader.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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You might want to read up in the benelli forums about hi capacity (more than 5+1 or thereabouts) foreign made shotguns. you can't have it..even with a pump and no pistol grip.

this law was a little tid bit from the 1989 AK-47 ban even b4 the assault weapons ban, of which it has nothing to do with.

now, maybe you can make one or get one from europe, but technically youre assed out legally.
oops..maybe you are right on the semi auto... i think it was a lobbying effort to ride in some text on the coat tails of the AK ban law to protect the domestic gun industry.
you gotta do a search on federal section 922(r) that grizzlywinmag pointed out in the above post.

it is not part of any former or current assault weapons provision. I remember reading in the benelli forums about how that company inadventently was selling illegal shotguns here and had an agreement to stop selling them in that configuration. The legality of extended mag tubes on foreign made autoloaders is questionable.

you could buy a mossberg or remington autoloader with a broomstick sized extended mag and its fine. I believe this was some bit thrown in to protect the domestic gun makers from losing the defensive SG sales since beretta (along with the rest) kind of owns the sporting market already.
wheelgunner said:
Linky to FN site with semi available comercial
That's a winchester from what I understand.. at any rate, it is a confusing subject. there is a certain american content percentage and maybe those are made under license for winny.

upon further re-reading i think the telescoping stock is a no-no on more than 5 round magazines. I'm still confused on wether or not I could have 7+1 on a standard classic stocked foreign SG.

Huglu makes a 7+1 tube for my hunting gun (CZ 712), but i don't think I can get that either.
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