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making bismuth shot?

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Does anyone make their own bismuth shot, or lead shot? I've been looking at the littleton machine and emailed them to see if it can make larger sizes then 6. Are there any other machines out there?

Also if you do make your own bismuth, where do you get your tin and bismuth from?

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I picked an article off the internet that gave instructions for making your own bismuth shot. I haven't read the article in several months but recall that it used a home shot maker made in Australia. The article is obviously from some Austrialian publication.

I still have a copy of the article and would be happy to share it. It is in Word format and quite large, 1MB, because of some pictures.

I will email it to anyone who wants it. Make sure your email can handle the load. If this site can host the file, I can do that also. Somebody will have to point me in the right direction, however as I rarely visit this site and don't really know my way around.

Or-- if someone has a site that can host the file that can work as well.

You can contact me at [email protected] remove the x for the correct address.
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