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making bismuth shot?

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Does anyone make their own bismuth shot, or lead shot? I've been looking at the littleton machine and emailed them to see if it can make larger sizes then 6. Are there any other machines out there?

Also if you do make your own bismuth, where do you get your tin and bismuth from?

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Forgive my ignorance but what tha*$&% is bismuth?
I'm learning to prepare for the future and any thing usefull
as to hand /homemade to make one's life in the Wilds of America
~if you have been watching TV and the papers, know what I mean__-_-_-___ (jellybean) sorry could'nt help that.
Sorry I am a survivalist and I visit the Frugal's site some times.
We have a chance to move to Anchorage Alaska and I'm 65 and too young to die (wife's 41~ 17 years aniversery 10/4)
She's working and going to Medical Assistant school.
Remington Collage to be specific. Proud name that!
She say's she should be able to gain employment any where, any way, sounded good to me!
Back to origional question what is Bismuth and hows it made?
Thanks for listening :lol:
Last Wolf
:twisted: :twisted: Thats not where I wanted that owell
Al B
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