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making bismuth shot?

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Does anyone make their own bismuth shot, or lead shot? I've been looking at the littleton machine and emailed them to see if it can make larger sizes then 6. Are there any other machines out there?

Also if you do make your own bismuth, where do you get your tin and bismuth from?

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I saw some raw bismuth on ebay, its going for 13.99 lb and you can buy the bulk bismuth shot alreadt made for around 11.50 from ballistic products or precision reloading. if you can get it cheaper please let me know.
I found this I hope this helps you guys! I wrote them and they wrote me back. The guy that wrote me...his email addy is [email protected] this is what he wrote:

We can sell you the bismuth: 10-gram Pellet, 99.99% Bi.
We package in 25lb and 50lb units.
Price: $6.00/lb FOB Denver, Colorado
Shipping: $13.00 for 25 lb and $19.00 for 50 lb.

Please send a check payable to ASARCO, Inc. for $163.00 for the 25lb
or $319.00 for the 50lb pail.
Mail to:
Attn: Mr. Ivan Hayward
Asarco, Inc.
495 E. 51st Avenue
Denver, CO 80216

We shall ship as soon as payment is received. Send a copy of this
with your check.

Please note (again) that we do not make the shotgun shells. This is
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