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I have a 16 *****, double barrel shotgun manufactured by Manufacture Franciase d"armes & Cycles de Saint Etienne. It has choke and demi-choke on the barrels and Fusil Robust Brevete S.G.D.G on the side. The under side has No. 5 Robust.
Any one have any idea when this gun may have been manufactured or of its value? Any resources that may have information? :)

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these guns are known as manufrance.

the makers address is:
r. Lodi, 6, St. Etienne, 42045

here is what the BBOGV says:

Current manufacturer established circa 1887 and located in St. Etienne, France. No current U.S. importation.

Manufrance currently manufactures both SxS rifle and shotgun variations (the Robust Models being the most popular) that are not being currently imported in the U.S. Please contact the factory directly for more information, including model availability, parts, and domestic prices.

Generally French guns are quite good.

For the value you might want to look on the net. Depending on condition they appear to fetch up tp $1000. If you post the proof marks it might be possible to estimate the age range.

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Your ROBUST rifle of Manufactures IT French carries the N° 5

The ROBUST to been manufactured from 1913.

Numbers of 1 to 6 have made summers of 1913 to 1924

Aprés 1924 they carried numbers 20, 21,22, etc

Therefore your rifle is located between 1913 and 1924

(I have "Robust № 5" too)

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Dear friends!
Unfortunately I have no information on other guns Manufrance. You can receive the information interesting you on www.
Contact authors of a site and ask.
They have helped me to learn date of manufacturing of my gun Robust 5.
The best regards

my e-mail: [email protected]

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I also have a Manufacture Francaise 16 g shotgun It is a No.202. It has Fusil Robust Brevete S.G.D.G. on one barrel and
Manufacture Franciase D'armeset et Cycles de Saint Etienne on other barrel. Also has what i'm guessing is the serial #185584 on it. It also has a couple of insignia's on the underside of barrel. Would appreciate any info regarding year and value or where I might find info. Thank you.
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