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Manufacture francaise 16 g shotgun

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I have a 16 *****, double barrel shotgun manufactured by Manufacture Franciase d"armes & Cycles de Saint Etienne. It has choke and demi-choke on the barrels and Fusil Robust Brevete S.G.D.G on the side. The under side has No. 5 Robust.
Any one have any idea when this gun may have been manufactured or of its value? Any resources that may have information? :)
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I also have a Manufacture Francaise 16 g shotgun It is a No.202. It has Fusil Robust Brevete S.G.D.G. on one barrel and
Manufacture Franciase D'armeset et Cycles de Saint Etienne on other barrel. Also has what i'm guessing is the serial #185584 on it. It also has a couple of insignia's on the underside of barrel. Would appreciate any info regarding year and value or where I might find info. Thank you.
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