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School Board Settles Complaint by Pro-Gun Coalition
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
May 21, 2003

( - Public schools in Montclair, N.J., can't distribute gun control literature to students, then refuse to distribute materials explaining the other side of the story, a court has ruled.

A coalition of pistol and rifle clubs in New Jersey has settled its lawsuit against the Montclair Board of Education, which allowed an anti-gun group to hand out materials to students - then refused a request to distribute pro-Second Amendment materials.

"This settlement will put school districts around the country on notice that they can no longer prevent both sides of the Second Amendment debate from being heard," said Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.

In June 2000, the Montclair School Board distributed materials from Ceasefire New Jersey, an anti-gun organization, for students to carry home. According to the Second Amendment Foundation, the flyers announced a rally in support of so-called "Smart Gun" legislation then being considered by the State Assembly.

Pro-Second Amendment groups - the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and Moms for Gun Safety - tried to distribute a flyer for a rally opposing the legislation, but the school board denied the request.

The groups then sued the school board for violating their First Amendment right of free speech, and their Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection.

According to the Second Amendment Foundation, the court-ordered settlement - the first of its kind in the nation -- requires the school district to distribute three pro-gun leaflets promoting education and training events for youth and women. The agreement also gives the rifle and pistol coalition access to the schools to conduct events such as art and essay contests, and to create a student gun club.
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