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Matdor Shotgun???

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Hello again from the Big Sky state,

Marlands has given great information on a few Ithacas that I have added to my collection, I was curious if you could enlighten me about my latest purchase?

It is a AYA "Matador" SxS 10 ga. 3 1/2 mag.
Top of barrels say Firearms International Corp. Washington D.C. along with gauge and "full and full" chokes I am sure.
Side of reciever is nicely engraved and says Matador. It is hammerless with top safety, auto ejectors, double triggers.

Watertable has many stamp marks and says 10-89 magnum, AYA logo and serial # 101274.

Under barrells have simmilar stamps and says "full" 18, 4 and 19,4.

The gun is in great shape and has very fancy engraving, not stamped, I am not sure what I have though. Any Ideas on age, value, company history? Thanks again, Chad

Also do you have any good sites on Ithaca anything? if so could you email me at DAVIS @
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I have another variation of the matador that I have never seen listed, in that it has a nonselective single trigger and selective ejectors. It's the sears roebuck version marketed as the J.C. higgins model 100. no engraving whatsoever,very plain. I would guess it was a spec gun made to meet a certain sears price point. if I have read the date codes correctly, it was made around 1955. It's just a plain jane workhorse, but for the $275 i paid a few years ago, it is a nice alternative to the current crop af bottom tier sxs. seems better made than the new imports in the $300 range. it satisfied my urge to own a sxs 20 ga on the cheap.
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