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max loads in rem 1100?

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I just started reloading a few months aco and stick strickly to the loading manuals. I have a rem 1100 in 12 gauge. What I would like to know is what is the max pressure I can load to without hurting the gun or myself? From my reading, I would say not more than 11000psi or 4 drams.I was wondering how high I would have to go to get a good killing load for hunting,say for birds up to the size of a turkey or pheasant?I don't plan on pushing it that high,but I wanted to know for my own safety and to protect my gun. I really love it and don't want to damage it. thanks. sj :)
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Hello Sjones,From"The Model 1100 is also designed to cycle loads of 3 ¼ dram 1 1/8o z shot or more."Hope it helps.regards,Jay
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