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Our big shoot of the year! Nationally recognized course setter, Mike McAlpine will be setting targets for our Yellowstone 400 Shoot. The main event is a 200 bird shoot. 100 birds will be shot on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Shooting will start at 10:00 am with lunch following the event. On Saturday afternoon we will have two 50 bird sub-gauge events (20 ga. & 28 ga.) events on a European rotation. We will also have a 50 bird 5-Stand competition that can be shot either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon there will be a 50 bird SXS completion. This should be a great warm up for the Montana State Shoot which will be two weeks later up near Polson at Big Sky Sporting Clays. I am also working on some added money to this shoot, so hopefully we will have some decent payouts to award. We will also be having a separate Hunter Class event on both afternoons. These will be held on the sub-gauge and SXS courses and our goal is to bring in as many new shooters as we can. They will compete with their own group and prizes will be Lewis Classed as described above. This should be great for new shooters to compete at their own level and come see what a more competitive event is all about. Hunter Class shooters don't miss this one; it should be a great time!
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