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MEC 600Jr Mk5 10 GA, 12 GA 3 1/2"

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Are the 600Jr 10 GA reloaders ready for 3 1/2"?

How about the MEC reloaders for 12 GA 3 1/2"? I understand that 12 GA 600Jr is only for 2 3/4" and 3".

Jari Hindström
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Any one owns 600Jr 10 GA reloader? Is't for 3 1/2" shells?

And my friend have to buy reloader for 12 GA 3 1/2", which reloader of the MEC is right reloader?

We use both of them only for the lead shots.

Thank you
I have a MEC 650 Jr I use for reloading all my waterfowl loads. I can load 12 Ga 2-3/4 & 12 GA 3" with the same dies. To go from 2-3/4 to 3" I raise the post 1/4", then adjust the deprime punch and resize ring. Next I add a supplied 1/4" spacer ring under the primer reciever in station #2. My press was manufactured before the invention of 12 ga 3-1/2" so I do not have the spacers that would be necessary to do 12 ga 3-1/2" but I would guess that they are now available from MEC. I have a complete set of dies for the same machine for 10 ga 3-1/2" and that change over is more complex but the changeover directions are accurate and the machine does fine. Before non toxic shot was mandatory for waterfowl I loaded lead in all these shells as well. I have the steel charge bars but do not use them. I hand weigh all shot and powder charges for steel shot. A word of caution: large lead shot will sometimes be difficult to meter with MEC charge bars so be careful.
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Yesterday I heard that 600 Jr Mk5 10 ga is for 3 1/2" hulls and so on Steelmaster is a right reloader for 12 ga 3 1/2". But I am not so sure about a 10 ga reloader, which one I buy a 600Jr or a Steelmaster.

Charge Bars, we think that we buy a UCB for ours reloaders, mayby better, mayby not, I not sure.
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