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lablover1 said:
I just bought a Mec 600 Jr for a 20 ga, 3 weeks ago.
The supplied charge bar is to drop 7/8 oz of shot (7 1/2).
When I measure my shot charge on a scale, I'm 20 grains short of a full load. I've checked this on several different days and it's always short 20 grains, which is about 10-11 pellets.

How do I solve this problem? Emails to MEC have not been helpful.

Your thoughts please!

Very simple. I have opened all my bars to throw the full charge. I use a tapered reamer and ream from the botton of the bar, till it throws the correct charge. A drill can be used or a file or a Dremmel Tool, anything to remove a SMALL amount of material from inside the bar. Or you can leave them as is, and I seriously doubt you will ,ever know the difference. The bars were sized to throw the correct amount using soft lead shot. Hard shot contains antimony which is lighter than lead, and thus weighs a tad less for a given volume than does soft shot.

You are getting the same VOLUME of shot, just not the same weight. At any rate you can use them as is, or ream them to get the full weight. Your choice. Doubt it makes a whit of difference, other than in your mind.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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