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petey said:
Can someone give me the I.D. of a #36 powder bushing. I have a small lathe and I'm going to make my own bushings if I can find out the I.D.'s of the bushing for certain powders. I just bought a can of Herco and I'm going to need a 36 bushing for my recipe. Thanks
If you are going by the chart, you are likely to be disappointed. Take any bushing near the size you need and get an average weight of drop using the powder desired. Take 10 drops and average. Compute the volume of the bushing, and use that info to find the proper volume of the new bushing. Compute the diameter of the new bushing from that. I have made many bushings this way and usually hit within .2 of the desired weight.
Sorry but I do not have a #36 bushing to weigh for you. But I thought this procedure might help you to get what you really need.
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