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Curly is absolutely correct. The bushing charts are only a starting place and more often than not, are 1 to 3 bushing sizes off what's actually needed.

Bushings are cheap and there's no legitamate reason to spend the time and effort to make them. At about $2 a pop, it's simply not worth your time and effort.

Best scenatio is to order a set of bushings, (5 or 6), that will cover about all needs in the gauge and with most all popular powders. You then will always have the bushing you need for whatever powder you wish to use.

Occasionally you need a bushing that's "In Between" the sizes available. That's where your lathe will come in handy, as you can make those, (or modify a factory one), and get exactly what you need. By measuring the factory bushings, you will then know just where you need to be with your modified bushing.

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