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I'm no authority, but if you read the Lyman Guide to Bullet Making, you will see 2 specific issues mentioned.

(1) WRINKLED bullets are poured too COOL

(2) FROSTED bullets are poured too HOT

I would guess that any stainless steel pot is too thin, too hot, and that you should switch to one of the Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. Besides that, a Propane Heater alone, would be evidentiary of a much hotter temp, at least much moreso than a simple Lee melter.

If that stainless pot is hot enough, could it be that the blue film is showing the steel is slowly "cooking off" into the lead?

/ I would consider that.

/ [but....what do I know? I was a poster child for the Literary Society's publication:

"How To Write a Book For DUMMIES for DUMMIES" ....well Yah!]


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