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Meridian Fire Arms Company

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I have an old double barrell shotgun (I think it's a 20 gauge, but there is no ***** marked) marked The Meridian Fire Arms Co. That is marked on both side and is the only markson "outside" of the gun. If I break it apart, on one side it is stamped 18 and on the other it is marked C32 6798I. The bottom of the barrell is also marked 6798I (I think). There is a crack in the stock and a chipout of the wood near the safety.

I am looking for information and value of this old shotgun and any help would be appreciated.
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The Meriden Firearms Company of Meriden Connecticut c. 1905-1918 were makers of revolvers, rifles and shotguns exclusively for the Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Most utility grade SxS's are bringing $200- $300 depending on locale and condition.
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