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I bought a number of shotguns from an estate about 30 years ago, and I have not looked at them in 20 years. One is a Merkel O/U, 12 gauge, 30" barrel, but with markings I have not read about. The serial # is 14088 (5 digits, once on left side of barrel, once on water table), so when was it made?

In addition, there are some unusual markings on both the receiver and the barrels. I am attaching a number of pictures. What caught my eye was the six pointed star on the right and left sides of the barrel in between "BOHLER" and "STAHL" (with "New York" underneath). On the left side of the receiver is a picture of a broken-winged pheasant, the name(?) "MARKE TAUBE", and the initials D.R.P at the bottom of the plate.

There is also an engraving "A.F. Stoeger" on the left side of the barrels. Any information about any of the above would be appreciated.

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