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Just wondering if any of you have experience with, or knowledge of, a 12 ga. single manufactured by the Midland Gun Co. of Birmingham, England. I saw one for sale at a reasonable price and was thinking of trying it out at the local trap range.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Update : This is a model 1126 and has "Armsport, Miami, FL." stamped on the other side of the barrel. I'm guessing this is a knock-off P.O.S., possibly made by Sarsilmaz.

Still, I'm interested in any expert (or non-, for that matter) opinions. Thanks again.

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Hi There, INSDSTRT--

MarlandS and the others who post regularly in and moderate the "Gun ID and Value" forum would probably be your best bet--you might consider copying and pasting your info there. They'll probably see your question sooner that way, although they get around to all the forums.


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