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Some things I do know. Low pressure loads use relatively small weights of powder, commonly. They often have problems with wads not being designed to be tall enough to take up the space which a standard powder load would occupy. Low density (fluffy) powders can help take up that additional space.

Even though those stack height challenges may be met, IFAIK, there is no Guarantee that Fluffy powders are more Consistent in pressure and velocity at low pressures. The powders for shotshells are ALL designed to work most consistently in the 9500-11,000 PSI regime.

But, kinda curious why are you trying to establish "golden rules" for shotshell loading, when you don't have 30 or so years of experience and have no equipment for internal ballistics testing, like a dynamic chamber pressure system? Even those with experience are justifiably leery of setting up rules for loading shotgun which might be broken by the NEXT newly developed powder or wad. This isn't metallic cartridge loading where things are fairly predictable.

Just load to published loads. good luck, garrisonjoe
Think I can answer the why......... nothing else better to do, retired, bored, too much time on his hands. Has to have something to post to keep up with Jones.
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