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Hello all

For those who like true fun shoots, I really want to push a great "Shoot and Hoot" Meet in the Midwest at the Vanzant, Missouri, Clay Pigeon Farm. Here's the highlights:

  • Friday to Sunday, 8-9-10 April 2016[/*]
  • Any gun, any gauge[/*]
  • 16-yd & Handicap Trap, Skeet, Team Annie Oakley, Polish Turkey Shoot[/*]
  • No experience necessary, all skill levels are invited[/*]
  • Fun competition with expert instruction and guidance[/*]
  • Trophy and prizes[/*]
  • Group celebration meal, private room in great local pub (the HOOT!)[/*]

Please come and join us for fun shooting & hooting with great people!

Here's the blog with details and contact info:
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