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Mitchell High Standard Recoil Pad & Sling Swivels

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I have a model 9113-B short barrel riot pump shotgun with rifle sights. However, it has just a hard butt plate. I want to replace it with a nice, cushiony recoil pad. Being a newbie, I have a few questions.
Can I get a pad which fits right out of the box ? Sources ? What is involved with fitting a pad which does match exactly ?
Also, it has no provisions for a sling, no attachment points. What are my options for fitting this shotgun with a sling ?
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As far out of the box perfect fit pad/ does not work that way, they do offer pre-fit pads which may cross over to your shot gun, but it may be easier just haveing your local smith fit it.

Also U.M. sling swivel kit with barrel band will work with that model, you just need to mic the o.d. of the barrel , and drill the stock to install the stud.

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