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Model 12 age and price

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I have wanted a Win. model 12 for quite some time and finally got enough money to purchase one. I would love any info that anybody can give as far as year made, is this a good one for Pheasant hunting, and about what the going price is? It is Ser. # 16827XX , 30 inch , full choke, For super & super-X 3 inch. Condition is , ex. blueing (Must of been re-blued) wood on forarm very good and buttstock also good except for a small chip on butt near recoil pad. I paid $400 and wanted it only for hunting not as an investment. Thank you.
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Thanks Dave, I needed (Or maybe just wanted) a better then just ok bird gun and when a member of my gun club passed he left behind a dozen or so model 12's. I had to pick mine out quickly before all were sold. Just wanted to make sure that my pick was a good one. I hate to bother you more but do you know if this model will handle the newer 3 inch mag's? I am not going to shoot anything except lead. P.S. I really like this website. It is full of useful information.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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