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Model 42 Trap Grade Auction Result

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Nice 42 Trap Grade just sold at RIA... thought they were low on their estimate but wow!

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There were very, very few of the Field style Trap Guns with the single diamond short forend. A legit one should be in the low 5 figures.
This one looks to be legit. I would not pay the $15,000 plus for a reblued one. Rare bird for certain.
That seems to be the total. When RIA uses the term, "price realized," keep in mind, that already incudes the 20% Buyer's Premium. Only thing left to add is the tax and shipping and credit card fee and FFL costs. So, gun in hand, approx $14,500. Every buyer has his reason but that's just too much for me.
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Schwing's personal original Trap and Deluxe 42s went between $14.5k and 16.5k in '11. Recently read of an original Trap going close to $20k.

As gr8day sez short checkered forends on Traps are rarer still.

Catalog sez refinished metal. Wood bothers me, too. A gun I'd need to examine directly and closely.
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