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50s and 59s are pretty reliable, but 60 yrs later any number of things might be at fault.

Usually that kind of thing is the result of something impinging on the recoil of the chamber and bolt. It's far more common to find a 50 that throws the empties 20 ft than one that fails to eject them.

Strip the whole thing down and clean out any accumulated sludge. Check the extractor in particular - if you're not careful reassembling the chamber into the receiver, it's possible to damage the extractor.

If the floating chamber has any rust inside or out smooth that back out with some steel wool. A 59 should have the fiberglass barrel - should be OK, but never a bad idea to make sure the barrel is in good shape, especially where the chamber seats.

It's also always a good idea to replace the recoil spring in the stock - this is really the weak point of the design, and when they age/fail the bolt slams back and cracks the receiver. For $8 or $10 it's good preventative maintenance.
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