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I have a Winchester model 59 Winlite 12 gauge, it works fine until you put more than 1 shell and shoot and then the ejected shell does not come all the way out but the new incoming shell comes under neither the retracting bolt and jams to the point disassembly is required to un-jam. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? just bought this gun used because it was my first shotgun when I was 11 and went pheasant hunting back then many times with lots of success, and had a chance to buy a used one , gun looked clean and un-abused but experiences this jamming problem only 1 more than 1 shell is loaded and appears to happen more with heavier loads than light loads but happens with both?
I have disassembled several times to un-jam and inspect for troubles? Nothing jumping out at me at this time? clean and no major wear areas that I see.?
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