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Modified Choke with Slugs??

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I have just installed the modified choke in my FN Police. I should like to know if this can be used with slugs. I would also appreciate knowing if other owners of the FN prefer the modified or the Improved choke for use with buckshot.
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I just sent out my 18 inch express bbl to get a screw in choke. IC choke might be the most optimal rifled slug constriction, but I was assured that MOD choke would still be fine for some slugs as well.
i would never use anything tighter than an improved cylinder choke if i was shooting slugs from a choked barrel but then again i use my fully rifled barrel to shoot slugs
I was told that tighter chokes are OK, but the recoil and kick will be greater when you fire slugs...

Just called FNUSA to get the answer. According to them, slugs may be fired without any problem. As a matter of fact, they say it may ABSOLUTELY be without problem.
well it may be safe to fire but its sure gonna put lots of stress on the choke n barrel threads :roll:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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