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I have recently come into a collection of shotguns that was my stepfathers. He worked as a gun buyer for Sears. I have a very great deal of shotguns and am wondering where is the best place to search for their current selling price.

The brands are:

Is there a place online where I can give a serial number and get a date for these? I would want to be able to at least date the guns. The Remington shotguns have anywhere from 6 to 8 serial numbers, so I figure a few of them might be older. All of these shotguns are in excellent to mint condition, several still in the original boxes. What is the best way and most time effiecient way of determining a collections value?


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I believe I can date all of those except maybe the franchi...... some I might have to give a range on.

Prices. well, several here have current copies of the Bluebook, which, when averaged with the auction sites and classified sites works fairly well in determining current value.

if you'd like to do the valuations yourself try

otherwise I'll be glad to help you out...
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